A faith reminder

On this Labor Day weekend in the United States, while people are enjoying the last moments of summer, “faith” might not seem to be a topic to occupy anybody’s mind.

Yet, maybe this is the perfect time to reflect on it, in between burgers and watermelon and games. Our individual understanding of it is what may (and hopefully will) sustain us in the times when we aren’t pleasantly distracted by holidays or celebrations…

“Faith is a response of our being to something greater which calls for our commitment. Some call it God, Buddha, the Tao, Mana, Kami; each person’s faith wears its own garment. We are told that faith moves mountains; that faith is the evidence of things unseen; It is the assurance of things hoped for. Faith is an encounter with the mystery of life which cannot simply be objectified and placed outside us or in our hip pocket. We do not argue faith, we give witness to its power in our lives.”

This is an excerpt from an essay of mine. You are welcome to read it all in Faith Transforms Life.”


Al Bloom


A faith reminder — 2 Comments

  1. What a wonderful sentiment, and how appropriate for this time of year when our minds are typically focused way too much on the mundane “stuff” of life.

  2. Ahh…reading this is like taking a drink of cool water. Thank you for reminding me what really matters. I like to reflect on the following quote when I need to center myself…and that is often.

    “Sometimes when I’m asked to describe the Buddhist teachings, I say this: Everything is connected; nothing lasts; you are not alone. This is really just a restatement of the traditional Three Marks of Existence: non-self, impermanence, and suffering. The fact that we all suffer means we are all in the same boat, and that’s what allows us to feel compassion.” — Lewis Richmond “We Are Not Alone” Tricycle Magazine

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