Chapter 6

Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture

Chapter 6 – A Perspective on the History of Shin Buddhism in Japan

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Multiple Choice Questions

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Thought Questions

1. In the process of institutionalization how can the followers of a religion lose sight of its founder?

2. Having read this chapter, what are some of your reactions to the development of the Shin institution in Japan? How do you think Shinran might have reacted had he been able to witness the events that took place following his death?

3. We have seen how the various descendents of Shinran each contributed to changing the form and character of the Shin institution. Today, however, it seems that many people oppose change and cling on to traditional ways. How can changes be made that would have a positive effect on the development of the institution? Do you think that having people understand the history of Shin Buddhism would make them more agreeable to change? Why or why not?