Chapter 7

Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture

Chapter 7 – Shin Buddhism in the American Context

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Multiple Choice Questions
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Thought Questions

1. In the process of institutionalization how can the followers of a religion lose sight of its founder?

2. What message do you think Shinshu has for Western people?

3. In this chapter, the author writes: “It appears to me that Buddhists have adapted to western society and its lure of success at the expense of their Buddhism.” What does he mean by this? Do you agree? Disagree?

4. Although Buddhism in America is indebted to Japanese sources, it must somehow develop its own distinct form as part of western culture. Now that you understand the development of Buddhism in Japan, as well as its early role in America, what are some of the problems Buddhism is facing today as it encounters western (American) culture? What do you think can be done to aid in this transition?