Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture

Chapter 17 – The Nembutsu

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Multiple Choice Questions

  • 1. The term Nembutsu derives from the Sanskrit term buddhanusmrti which means:
  • 2. According to the “Meditation Sutra,” for which of the following groups was the practice of the recitation of the name of the Buddha originally intended?
  • 3. Shinran regarded the Nembutsu as:
  • 4. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
Thought Questions

1. In chapter VIII of “Tannisho,” it is written that “the saying of Nembutsu is neither a religious practice nor a good act.” If it is neither of these two things, what is the Nembutsu, according to Shinran?

2. Do you think the Nembutsu can become the foundation of the life of the modern Shin Buddhist? In other words, is it possible for people today to “live” the Nembutsu?