Chapter 19

Shin Buddhism in Modern Culture

Chapter 19 – The Ultimate End of Faith (Part 1)

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Multiple Choice Questions
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Thought Questions

1. The author says that “for the Buddhist, the issue is not how religious one may be, but whether the ego is transcended.” How would you interpret this statement? What does “being religious” mean to you? And, how does this perspective differ from the attitude taken by other religious groups you know?

2. The author suggests that in the contemporary era, the Buddhist “sense of mission” needs to be developed so that the ideals, values, and potential of Buddhism are articulated and expressed in compassionate ways. What do you think? What do you think is the “mission” of the Buddhist? In what ways do you think the teachings could or should be disseminated? Give reasons.

3. What is the ultimate end of faith as understood in Shin Buddhist teachings? What relevance does this have for modern people?