Summer Session 2018 videos: “Everyday Buddhism for a Happy, Meaningful Life” with Dr. Kenneth Tanaka

Dr. Kenneth Tanaka video still with play button

The Buddhist Study Center (BSC) streamed video of our 2018 Summer Session with Dr. Kenneth Tanaka on its YouTube channel. Those videos are now available on demand and are embedded below. Dr. Kenneth Tanaka is a Professor Emeritus, Musashino University, Tokyo. The Summer Session was held at BSC July 23-27, 2018.

Lecture 1: Everyday Buddhism: How We Look at Life and Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Monday, July 23. Video is queued to the welcome by Bishop Eric Matsumoto.

Lecture 2: Everyday Buddhism: Confronting One’s Own Death and that of Our Loved Ones

Tuesday, July 24.

Lecture 3: Everyday Buddhism: Turning Difficulties into Renewed Life and Actions to Bring Centeredness in our Lives

Wednesday, July 25.

Lecture 4: Everyday Buddhism: You’re Fine Just as You Are and Life is a Beautiful Bumpy Road

Thursday, July 26.

Lecture 5: Everyday Buddhism: You can Always Let Go When You Get Tired and Working to Benefit Others

Friday, July 27. In this session, Dr. Tanaka shared an NHK documentary program that features him and his approach to Buddhism—part of the series, “The Age of Kokoro (heart/mind)”. The program is in Japanese so Dr. Tanaka provided summary translation as it played.

For more information, see Summer Session.

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