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Diversity & Acceptance in Amida's Vow - 8/12/23 video thumbnail

Diversity & Acceptance in Amida’s Vow with Rev. Ko’e A. Umezu
A hybrid Nembutsu Seminar on 8/12/2023
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Kauai Nembutsu Seminar 08/26/23 with Rev. Miuneto - thumbnail image

“Legacy of Nembutsu Followers in Hawaii” with Rev. Tatsuo Muneto
A hybrid Kauai Nembutsu Seminar on 8/26/2023
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LGBTQIA+ 101 video title slide

LGBTQIA+ 101, 04/22/23, with Camaron Miyamoto and Hongwanji panelists
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Summer Session 2023 - Rev. Miyaji, attendees

2023 Summer Session
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Summer Session web page

video still from State Dharma School Gathering 2023 - Study Guide for Dharma Educators with Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki presenting

State Dharma School Gathering, 02/19/23, Rev. Kevin Kuniyuki presentation
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video still of Rev. Kerry Kiyohara telling a children's story for a remote audience

Reverend Kerry Kiyohara’s Children’s Dharma Story Time slideshows
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