2021 Summer Dharmathon begins!

Tonight begins the 2021 Summer Dharmathon! Starting on August 23rd until August 27th, we will be having two of our Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii ministers give a dharma talk each night. Each session begins at 6:30 PM Hawaii Standard Time, and will be livestreamed to Youtube. As we are broadcasting via Zoom, we will not have the links generated beforehand, and therefore will update this page as we go. Thank you for understanding!


Day 1: Bishop Eric Matsumoto and Rev. Arthur Kaufmann

Day 2: Rev. Sol Kalu and Rev. Satoshi Tomioka

Day 3: Rev. Blayne Higa and Rev. Kerry Kiyohara

Day 4: Rev. Daido Baba and Rev. Mieko Majima

Day 5: Rev. Yuika Hasebe and Rev. David Fujimoto

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