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This article originally appeared in the March 2024 issue of Ka Leo Kāhea.

Updated 5/4/24 to include link to printable form and invitation to email audio recordings to Debbie Kubota. See flyer caption or end or article for links.


Stories of “Sharing Nembutsu Moments” are being compiled and will soon be published in a project coordinated by the Commission on Buddhist Education and the Buddhist Study Center Committee.

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Click the image for a full-size PDF flyer or go right to the online submission form. A printable form is also available, or you may email an audio recording to [email protected].

What is a “Nembutsu Moment?”

“When you see or hear or experience something so beautiful, touching and profound that it leaves you speechless and all you can say is, ‘Wow!,’ ” said Rev. Eric Matsumoto.

“After that, as one continues to be in awe of that lifechanging encounter, you continue to say, ‘Wow!’

“This moment is explained in ‘The Collected Works of Shinran, Volume Two’ as in, ‘… The moment of awakening of Shinjin (True Entrusting) and saying the Nembutsu is a moment both in and out of time.”

Coordinated by Carolyn Uchiyama, chair of the Buddhist Study Center, and Debbie Kubota, Chair of the Commission on Buddhist Education and Commissioner of Buddhist Education for the Honolulu District, the project takes its name from the 2024 Hawaii Hongwanji theme.

For co-chair Debbie Kubota, one such moment took place in 1994 at Turtle Bay Resort at a company dinner attended by both Debbie and her husband, Alan Kubota.

“When we looked outside, we saw that the sun was setting, so we stopped what we were doing and went out to watch it as our day came to an end,” Debbie Kubota said.

“The cloud formation and the way the sun lit up the clouds were absolutely perfect! My husband is never without his camera, so he fortunately captured the sunset. We have an everlasting memory of that night.

“It was definitely a ‘Wow!’ experience, as we all stood there in awe of the amazing sunset with the wonderful cloud formations. In that moment, I was filled with gratitude and appreciation for life, nature, the awesome world and beautiful islands that we live in.

“We were treated to such an inspirational end to our day. After all these years, I still get a thrill when I look at the photo of the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen.”

Alan Kubota’s photo graces the flyer announcing the project.

Aug. 31 is the deadline to submit stories which will be published in newsletters, Ka Leo Kāhea and possibly in a book.

Stories may be submitted online at . A printable form is also available, or you may email an audio recording to [email protected].

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