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Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom

Shin Dharma Net’s purpose and mission is to share information concerning Shin Buddhist tradition and Pure Land Buddhism as practiced and interpreted by Shin communities in the West, Japan, and other areas of the world.

“In Buddhist tradition, light stands for wisdom. It is frequently presented in sutras as a stream of light coming from the Buddha and illuminating every aspect of the cosmos. In modern terms, it means to see things as they really are. Because Buddha sees things as they really are, he is able to assist all beings to enlightenment, despite their delusions and ignorance.” — Strategies for Modern Living, by Alfred Bloom

Shin Dharma Net site highlights:

General information about Shin Buddhism, including its history, main doctrines, key terms, holidays and celebrations … and more.

A self-paced online course of study about Shin Buddhism

A wide variety of writings by many of the top Japanese and Western authorities on Shin Buddhism

Information on Shin Buddhism temples, groupsĀ and study centers around the world