Jérôme Ducor’s LinksPitaka – Jodo Shinshu Resource Site – Born and living in Geneva, Jérôme Ducor studied Buddhism at Lausanne University. He graduated in religious studies and received his doctorate in Japanese Studies from Geneva University. He specialized in Japanese Buddhism at Ryukoku University and was ordained in the Jodo-Shinshu school of Buddhism at Hompa-Honganji in Kyoto. He is vice-resident at the Shingyoji Temple in Geneva.

The Buddhist Study Center – The Buddhist Study Center (BSC) was established in 1972 as a part of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii (HHMH).

American Buddhist Study Center, New York City – The only Pure Land Jodo Shinshu Buddhist study center on the East Coast.

Jodo Shu Research Institute – Tokyo – An informative website dedicated to the teaching of Honen, Shinran’s teacher. In-depth history, analysis and translations of Pure Land Buddhist resources.

Jodo Shu – Japan – The main website for the Jodo Shu school. Includes a “Virtual Temple,” Honen’s teachings, description of major annual ceremonies, etc.

Jodo Shu Temple in Tokyo

The Living Dharma Library – Sermons and essays on Shin Buddhism by ministers and lay people. A valuable resource for insights and information on Shin Buddhism, presented by the West Covina (California) Buddhist Temple.


Hisao Inagaki

Amida Net – The website of Hisao Inagaki, Professor Emeritus, Ryukoku University. President of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies since 1993.

Author of numerous books, including, “T’an-luan’s Commentary on Vasubandhu’s Discourse on the Pure Land: A Study and Translation,” and “Nagarjuna’s Discourse on the Ten Stages: Translation and Study of the Verses and the Chapter on the Easy Practice.”

Site contains articles and essays; Mahayana scriptures, hymns and writings; illustrated Pure Land scriptures; mandalas of the Three Pure Land Sutras, and more.

Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, California – A seminary and graduate school affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union and associated with The Buddhist Churches of America.

Notes on the Nembutsu This easy-to-navigate site offers an instructive, thoughtful study of the Jodo, Koso and Shozomatzu Wasans. Author George Gatenby, an ordained minister of Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji-ha, explains: “These essays are a personal celebration of Shinran Shonin’s teaching of the Buddha dharma.”

Rev. Zuiken Saizo Inagaki (1885-1981), revered teacher.


Muryoko: Journal of Shin Buddhism – An online journal that “seeks to convey the great breadth and depth which the Pure Land teaching offers to those who are looking for an accessible spiritual path in the modern world.” Originating in Australia, the site offers (and welcomes) entries from around the world … including articles, book reviews, personal experiences of the spiritual journey, and more.

Ryukoku University & Otani University – Universities in Kyoto associated with Jodo Shinshu. The sites give information on their various facilities and programs.

Clifton Ong’s Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Mission of Singapore offers numerous photos and in-depth resources about Jodo Shinshu. Thanks (and credit) goes to him for the following image.