A recreation of Shinran’s voice:

An audio file of the Shoshinge, the Shin Buddhist Hymn of True Faith:

Sutra & Gatha Chants (Japanese) – Steveston Buddhist Temple, Richmond, BC …w/English written trans. of Shoshinge, Junirai, & Juseige. [NOTE: For written modern English renderings, see “Shin Sutras to Live By“]



“Tannisho, Lamenting the Deviations” from Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom on Vimeo.

A lecture given by Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom, Professor Emeritus,
University of Hawaii, July 2011 at the Buddhist Study Center in Honolulu.
Subject: His encounter with the “Tannisho, Lamenting the Deviations” —
a major text of Shin Buddhism.

“Tannisho, Lamenting the Deviations” from Al Bloom on Vimeo.

NOTE: Visit the American Buddhist Study Center YouTube site for a fascinating 6-part interview with Monshu Koshin Ohtani, author of “The Buddha’s Wish for the World.” In it, he talks about Jodo Shinshu, Amida Buddha, and the teachings of Shinran.

Sunday Dharma Messages …

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