By Rev. Dr. Alfred Bloom …

BCABS = Buddhist Churches of America Bookstore
HHBS = Honpa Hongwanji Bookstore
(others as noted)

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“The Essential Shinran” … in JAPANESE. Published by: Hongwanji Shuppansha, Kyoto
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“A Life of Serendipity – Blown by the Wind of Amida’s Vow.” New York: American Buddhist Study Center, 2008. BCABSHHBS


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By Other Authors …

Available on AMAZON:

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Available from the Buddhist Churches of America Bookstore:


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Available from the Honpa Hongwanji Bookstore:

Unless otherwise noted, the following books are Buddhist Study Center Press publications.


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“The Monk’s Wife – A Novel About Eshinni.” 2001

… with Shoji Matsumoto

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