Tribute to the late Rev. Ruth Tabrah by Connie Fukumoto (pdf file) – Goji article by Rev. Tabrah’s longtime friend.

Bombu Buys a Car – by Dr. Gordon Bermant, former president of the Buddhist Churches of America.

Three Views of My Father – by Dr. Nobuo Haneda, noted writer and lecturer, Director of the Maida Institute for Buddhism in Berkeley, Calif.

>> by Rev. Naoyuki Ogi, graduate of Ryukoku University and the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Berkeley, Calif., now with the Buddhist Promotion Society (BDK), Tokyo:

What can I do for you today? (Receiving a gift of dharma from Sulak Sivaraksa)
Meeting with Forest Monks: Re-Visioning Engaged Shin Buddhism. An account of his visit to Thailand and meeting with monks involved in engaged Buddhism. The essay appeared in the Fall-Winter 2007 issue of Turning Wheel magazine, a publication of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, Berkeley, Calif.
The Challenge of Revitalizing Buddhism: Learning from the Engaged Buddhist Movements of Thich Nhat Hanh and Takagi Kenmyo. A thesis presented to The Faculty of the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California. September 2007.

Building a Culture of Nonviolence – by Sulak Sivaraksa, a Buddhist social activist in Siam (Thailand) and well known in “Engaged Buddhism” circles.

Parenting and the Dharma – by Rev. Mary Beth Jiko Nakade, Kona Daifukuji Soto Mission. Talk given at Hawaii Buddhist Council Hanamatsuri Service, April 5, 2009.

Life of Awakening – by Ms. Kimi Hisatsune, a Buddhist writer and former librarian at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, Calif.

>> by M.V.:

Falling: Self and Other Power
The Quest

Ancient Stepping Stones – by Ellen Takemoto

History and Eternity – by W.S. Yokoyama

Dharma Message – by Rev. Fujieda Koju

Temple Life – by Rev. Haseo Tsutomu (Daien)

Shin Dharma Net as Virtual Døjø – by Scott A. Mitchell, as Presented to the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS), September 2003.

Dharma Talk – by Paul Nakamura

Horin’s Famous Mealtime Benediction for the Training Hall, Taishoku ge, Taijiki ge – Translated by Wayne Yokoyama

History: Nature, Karma, Revolution, Faith – by Nagao Gadjin. Translated by W.S. Yokoyama

Bodhi Trees Around the World – by Ven. Ayya Vimala


PERSONAL SHIN BUDDHIST STORIES – A representative collection of personal accounts relating to the discovery of Shin Buddhism by a wide range of individuals.

POETRY – Poems about or inspired by Shin Buddhist study and life.


>> Thinkers outside of Shin …

Writings relevant to Shin Buddhism or offering some insight to aid in reflection and study.

A major modern Japanese thinker was Nishida Kitaro who, although heavily influenced by Zen and Western ideas, offers insights for Shin Buddhists. He has been studied by those involved in Buddhist-Christian dialogue, and has influenced contemporary thinking…

The Standpoint of Religion – by Nishida Kitaro. A discussion of the foundations of thought that places religion and science in a relationship more of mutuality than conflict.

The Character of Nishida Kitaro – In this essay, Prof. Nishitani Keiji talks about Nishida Kitaro’s personal interpretation of Gutoku Shinran, “Foolish Shinran,” the title Shinran gave himself.