Rev. Ruth Tabrah … The late Ruth Tabrah, an active member of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii and president of the Hawaii Association of International Buddhists, was a well-known writer and longtime Shin Buddhist.
* Welcoming Address – Given as a welcoming address to the Conference on Buddhism and Leadership for Peace, held at the University of Hawaii, and sponsored by the Dae Won Sa Buddhist Temple and the Department of Philosophy at the University. Rev. Tabrah was particularly interested in the relationship of Buddhism and science and how the alliance of the two areas of knowledge and experience may assist in the solution of modern problems.
* Dewdrop On Grassblade: Shin Buddhism And The New Physics 

Rev. Ruth Tabrah & Rev. Shoji Matsumoto
* Shin Sutras To Live By – A translation of the three primary sutras that guide, inspire, and are a source of spiritual strength and courage for Shin Buddhists everywhere.

Toshikazu Arai  Professor Emeritus, Soai University, Osaka, Japan
* No Need for Arms and Armed Forces

Rev. Toshinori Kasahara  Formerly of Higashi Honganji, Honolulu
* Shin Buddhism and the Burakumin – An essay on the origins of the Burakumin, a community in Japan that faces discrimination. A challenge for Shin Buddhism and religion in general.

Dennis Hirota  Chief translator for the “Collected Works of Shinran,” which has made Shinran’s writings accessible to the Western public.
* Shinran, Barth, and Religion: Engagement with Religious Language as an Issue of Comparative Theology

Rev. Koju Fujieda  A former English teacher, priest of Ryokaiji Temple in Fukui prefecture, Japan.
* Ultimate Value of Human Life
* Fujieda Dharma Hearing Bookmarks
* Dharma Cards

Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka  A Methodist minister in California, who participates in interfaith activities.
* Catalytic Disparities

Rev. Daien (Tsutomu) Haseo
* Learning the Buddha’s Great Compassion
* Letters of Rennyo: The Essence of Shin Buddhism
* Living as a Shin Buddhist – Experiencing Two Types of Deeply Entrusting Mind
Shinjin – Experience of True Entrusting
A Japanese priest’s Obon
* Sermon for the Service of Obon 

Hoshin Seki … President, American Buddhist Study Center, New York
* Karma

John Hite … Studied Buddhism at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley, and under the guidance of Dr. Nobuo Haneda.
* Self – An essay that appeared in the Midwest Buddhist Temple Newsletter, March 1995, Vol. 45 #3.

Rev. Richard Tennes … A minister at the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Betsuin, who studied at the Institute of Buddhist Studies in Berkeley.
* Twelve Lights
* The Invisible World – Discussion of the symbolism of the o-naijin or altar area of the temple and its spiritual significance.
* True Gratitude – Dharma Message
* ‘Waga Shinnen’ (‘My Faith’) – Kiyozawa Manshi’s Final Reflection on His Faith
* The Anjin Ketsujō Shō and its Influence on Jōdo Shinshū Thought
* Women in the Pure Land: Eshinni’s View of Rebirth as Expressed in Her Letters

Chihoko Yosemori
* Hongwanji History’s Unsung Heroines

Rev. David Matsumoto, Ph.D. … Minister, Berkeley Buddhist Temple; Director, Center for Contemporary Shin Buddhist Studies.
* Prayers for the world

Rev. Miki Nakura … Higashi Hongwanji Mission, Kaneohe, Hawaii
* My Precious Encounter with the Buddha

Prof. Futaba Kenko – Past president of Japan’s Ryukoku University and Kyoto Women’s University. A leading scholar of Japanese Buddhist history at the Hongwanji’s Ryukoku University, he was a critical historian and also active in revitalizing and reforming the Hongwanji to meet the challenges of modern society.
* The Reformation of the Shin Buddhist Sangha

>> The Futaba Memorial Lectures, Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii Held annually in the Fall, this lecture series was established in honor of the late Professor Kenko. Noted scholars are invited to offer lectures on themes of Buddhism and Society and Culture.

| 2009:
Four Ennobling Truths of Our Global Society – Dr. Ruben Habito, Southern Methodist University
Grateful Heart: A Buddhist Way of Healing – Dr. Paula Arai, Louisiana State University

| 2010:
Shin Buddhism: An American Religion – Dr. Jeff Wilson, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and East Asian Studies, Renison University College, Waterloo, Ontario.