1. May the wisdom of the All-Compassionate One so shine within our hearts and minds, that the mists of error and the foolish vanity of self be dispelled. So shall we understand the changing nature of existence and reach spiritual peace.

2. Reverently we come before the shrine of our Amida Buddha, the Holy One, the Perfect One. With gratitude we have brought our offering of love and devotion to honor him. We earnestly resolve to strive to understand His Holy Teaching, and to walk every day in His blessed path, so that like Him we may attain the peace of Nirvana.

3. On this day, children everywhere gather in the temple of Amida Buddha and raise their voices in Praise of his wonderful wisdom and compassion. May we all in thanksgiving dedicate ourselves to the ideals as laid down by our teachers and masters.

4. Gentle are Buddha’s children in school, at temple, or at play. Gentle are Buddha’s children in thoughts, in words, and in deeds.

5. The faults of others are easy to see but the faults of our own are difficult to recognize. If one sees that he has a fault he must realize that the fault must be very grave indeed for him to recognize it himself, thus, he must take steps to correct his fault. Because it is difficult for us to see many of our faults we should listen to the advice of others. (Rennyo Shonin)

6. Open the eyes of the mind, and break through the darkness of ignorance. And close the roads of all evils. Then, unto the Land of Purity we will be led.

7. If one walks looking far ahead and pays no attention to the ground beneath his eyes he will stumble. If one gazes critically upon others and forgets to look into himself he will bring tragedy upon himself. (Rennyo Shonin)

8. Our life is filled with warmth in sharing life with others. It is a simple truth to learn, but a difficult practice to fully realize. In personal life, it means to act by placing ourselves in the position of another, and in community life, it means to give service with joy and gratitude for the betterment of all. The practice of making others happy is based upon the clear understanding of life which is Oneness. In deep gratitude, let us realize this Oneness of all life, the heart of which is Compassion.

9. As the sun shines upon the earth, awakening into growth the seeds that lie dormant in the soil, may the Light of Wisdom shine into our minds and truly awaken us to our ignorance and by this insight stir us to strive for a life of deeper understanding and enlightenment.

10. Buddha’s compassion embraces all people and his never lessening desire is for their happiness. He loves people as parents love their children and he wishes for them the highest blessedness, namely, that they might be able to pass beyond this ocean of life and death.

11. Just as rain falls on all vegetation, so Buddha’s compassion extends equally to all people; but just as different plants receive particular benefits from the same rain, so people of different nature and circumstances are blessed by different methods.

(The Teaching of Buddha)

12. A family is a place where a mind lives with other minds. If these minds love each other the home will be as beautiful as a flower garden.

(The Teaching of Buddha)

13. As one little candle lights another, so the light of Buddha’s compassion will pass from one mind to another mind endlessly.

14. On the long journey of human life, faith is the best of companions, faith is the best refreshment by the way, and the greatest reward at the end. Faith is the hand that receives the Dharma, faith is the hand that receives the profit.

(The Teaching of Buddha)

15. On the journey of life faith is nourishment, virtuous deeds are a shelter, wisdom is its light by day and right mindfulness is its protection by night. If a man lives a pure life nothing can destroy him: if he has conquered greed nothing can limit his freedom.

(The Teaching of Buddha)

16. The spirit of Buddha is a great wisdom and compassion to save all people by any and all means. It is the spirit of a mother toward her child nourishing and protecting it; it is the spirit that prompts it to be ill with the sickness of people, to suffer with their suffering. “Your suffering is my suffering and your happiness is my happiness,” said Buddha, and he does not forget that spirit for a single moment, for it is the self-nature of Buddhahood to be compassionate. A mother realizes her motherhood by loving her child, then the child reacting to his mother’s love feels safe and at ease. The Buddha’s spirit of compassion is stimulated according to the needs of a man; man’s faith is the reaction to this spirit, and it leads him to enlightenment. (The Teaching of Buddha)

17. The Way of Bodhisattva

May I be a medicine for the sick and weary, nursing them until their afflictions are gone forever. I would be a protector of the helpless, a guide for travelers and their means for crossing a stream, a lamp for those who need a lamp, a bed for those who need a bed, a slave for those who need a slave. May all find happiness through my actions and let no one suffer because of me. Whether they love or hate me, may those feelings be the source of their fulfillment. Those who mock, accuse or wrong me; may they all attain enlightenment.